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OK, so the Photo page has been a little dry lately. I had a brainstorm this evening: Flickr is free, and fast, and easy. We are now the proud owner of a Flickr photo album at

If anyone would like to post pictures to this album, talk to me. There's a limit to # of photos per month, but it's fairly generous. I'll share the password.

(Yes, Dan, I finished my devotional. I'm on my own time now!)
Link: City's Edge Photos
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 11-8-05 12:14 AM
re: City's Edge Photos Online
Hi Netty, just checkin out your pics! I was wondering when the website was going to have photos...considering you have over 10,000 photos:-)hee hee.

kim, Wednesday, 11-9-05 8:48 PM
Retreat Photo
Retreat 2005
Link: Larger Size
Annette, Sunday, 11-13-05 10:10 PM
re: City's Edge Photos Online
Could you post all of the unmodified pictures? Such as the group of people without the bridge and rocks?
David, Monday, 11-14-05 5:57 PM
re: City's Edge Photos Online
No, sorry.
There is a fairly limited upload capacity for free Flickr accounts. If someone wants to pay the $25 for a year's subscription, that would allow practically unlimited posting.
Annette, Tuesday, 11-15-05 4:38 PM
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