Narnia Thursday night
Annette is holding tickets for Ben, Stephanie, Missy, Dan, Beth, Grant, Mark, Sarah, Tristan, David, Jason, and herself. Meet at the theater by 11 if at all possible to get a place in line. We need to be in line together since Annette ended up with just one piece of paper (from Fandango.)
Please let Annette know if anything will prevent you from being at the theater at 11.

PS: Don't go w/ Fandango. Service charge and one-ticket business is way more than the "convenience" is worth.
ROUS  Annette Collins, Tuesday, 12-6-05 2:45 PM
re: Narnia Tomorrow night
Hey Annette, is it tomorrow (Wed.) nite or Thursday nite?
Dan, Tuesday, 12-6-05 4:35 PM
re: Narnia Tomorrow night
Thursday. Sorry all. Thursday night. Technically Friday morning, I guess. Wednesday does not enter into it. I was a day ahead of myself.
Annette, Tuesday, 12-6-05 6:33 PM
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