Greatest Blonde Joke Ever
Not terribly PC, but hey, look at the color of my hair. I'm allowed. :)
Link: Blonde Joke
ROUS  Annette Collins, Wednesday, 1-18-06 5:28 PM
re: Greatest Blonde Joke Ever
You have to have the right sense of humor, but if you do it's quite amusing.
David, Thursday, 1-19-06 2:42 PM
re: Greatest Blonde Joke Ever
Bah! Not the greatest blonde joke ever! More like the most overused joke ever!
... don't mean to sound so hostile...
Lisa, Friday, 1-20-06 12:10 AM
re: Greatest Blonde Joke Ever
Hmmm... did Lisa click more than two links? ;)
ROUS  Annette Collins, Friday, 1-20-06 9:15 AM
re: Greatest Blonde Joke Ever
All right, I must be very blond, I had to have Dave tell me.
Jason, Thursday, 3-9-06 11:36 PM
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