The year must be up
Just noticed that the last post was last year... what's up? New methods, I suppose... I can never read the Bible through in a year. Too slow. OK. I'm done posting things now.
Katy, Monday, 5-15-06 9:56 AM
re: The year must be up
Good point. I renamed the board. :) And here's a thought based on the womens' Bible Study's recent exploration of 1st Samuel. Have you ever noticed how few good fathers there were in the Bible? Let's think about this. Starting in Samuel, we have Eli who's sons were so evil that God sent two prophets fortelling the doom of the entire family branch and made sure that they and their father all died on the same day. Then we have Samuel's own sons. We know less about them than Eli's, but we know they weren't too impressive 'cause Israel greatly prefered a king to being lead by them. Move on to David. One of his sons raped his 1/2 sister, and another incited a coup. Solomon turned out OK, but his son Rehoboam put the grave stone on Israel's Golden Age. Scanning through the rest of the kings of Judah and Israel, there are very few godly fathers who are followed by godly sons. What gives here? Why is it that even the greatest of God's heros of the Faith could not seem to raise good children?
ROUS  Annette Collins, Monday, 5-15-06 10:50 AM
Bad Dads
It's also interesting that one of them has a lot to say about parenting... (Solomon - proverbs). Should we chuck his advice? Maybe parenting is really complicated, difficult and the answers aren't always readily available. Or maybe they just had too many moms (in the case of Solomon's and David's kids)
Katy, Tuesday, 5-16-06 5:54 PM
re: The year must be up
Solomon had wisdom more than any man before or since, but he pretty frequently failed to make use of it. So I don't think there's any particularly good reason to disdain the advice he gives on the subject. Most of us I suspect know several things that they could do to improve their physical, mental, or spiritual well-being that we aren't doing (definitely including myself). Should we be surprised that Solomon did the same :->? I suppose that the people of that era would describe such as a failure of the will and perhaps the emotions, but not the intellect, the union of which make up the "heart" as they understood it.
David C, Tuesday, 5-16-06 10:33 PM
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