Arm Holding, Thirst, Whining and other thoughts
It might be interesting to you to read these three things together, Exodus 17, I Corinthians 10 and Galatians 6. None of them are super-long. My connecter thought is that Christ is the same in all of them - and also, well, just looking out for each other and realizing that we're all in this together and that this doesn't allow us to give up quite so easily...

It's fun to pull up all three and read them at the same time, especially if you're a little ADHD... I use the link below, but there are lots of others I'm sure, that are better. You can pick the version you want.
Katy, Thursday, 6-15-06 12:28 PM
re: Arm Holding, Thirst, Whining and other thoughts
We can't just easily give up? Dang.

I tend to use even though it has the Message as one of its versions.
David, Saturday, 6-17-06 2:18 PM
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