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David Plotz, a self proclaimed "non-observant Jew," has picked up the Bible for the first time and started reading through it, blogging his thoughts and observations as he goes. (intro here) Given that this is Slate, it's not surprising that the tone of his blog is a bit cavalier, somewhat mocking and lacking in, well, reverence. He wants to tick off, or at least rouse his readers - especially the pious ones. In spite of this (or more probably because) I'm finding it interesting and occasionally almost profound. For instance, here's an excerpt from Genesis 28...

God appears to Jacob in the dream and makes him an even better promise than He did to Abraham and Isaac. Not only will his descendants be everywhere, as He also offered Abraham and Isaac—God also makes this very personal commitment to Jacob: "Remember, I am with you: I will protect you wherever you go and will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you."

My wife and I have many evangelical Christian friends, and one thing that strikes me about them is that they have this Jacobian sense of God's interest in their lives. Like Jacob, they feel that God/Christ is with them, and that God/Christ will not leave until He has done what He has promised them. But I don't know any Jews who feel this way (or at least who talk this way). The Jews I know don't act or talk as if they have a personal relationship with God. They pray to God and feel that God works in the world, but not that God takes a personal interest in them. (Of course it could be that I am friends with the wrong group of Jews.) Do Christians have more of this Old Testament sense of God acting in everyday life than Jews do? If so, why?

Link: Bible Reading Blog - Gen 28
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 7-27-06 11:15 AM
re: Bible Reading Blog
I'm finding this blog interesting as well. Since Annette pointed it out, I've read the entries for Genesis 1 through Numbers 14.
David, Friday, 7-28-06 1:10 PM
re: Bible Reading Blog
this guy needs to skip to the new testimate and read about Jesus and it will all make sense...

go Jesus!
ben, Friday, 7-28-06 4:10 PM
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