Questions from 1 Cor. 11:1-16
A possible thesis: responsible use of Christian freedom, self-discipline, and concern for non-offense.
How do we show Christ to others as a body?
Are there corresponding gender markers in the Western World?
And how is this passage relevant to us in those terms?
How do men and women cause social shame to one another in our culture?
Respond to one or more as you feel led...
ROUS  Sarah Lawson, Sunday, 12-2-07 4:09 PM
re: Questions from 1 Cor. 11:1-16
Sarah, you seem to have context (evident from question 1) that comes from the preceding verses in Chapter 10(23-33 or possibly even earlier)
So I decided to read both chapters again, to get a little context myself.
1. A good guideline for how we show Christ to others as a body is how we show Christ to others in the body (10:23) and further, the attitude with which we receive what others (not believers) give us (v.27-30) And really, how often do we even know who is inside and who is outside the body? Then perhaps the response is 10:23, 24, 31 and 32)
just some rambling thoughts...

As for the actual chapter, I find it interesting that God is the head of Christ but that Christ and God are one - just like men and women were created to be. Further than this, I think we show what Christ is like by moving our own ambitions lower down on our list of priorities. Or better yet, we make it our ambition to please God in everything we do (but somebody already said this once). This means that Christians are not weak-willed pansies, but instead ready to honor God and submit to each other in love at all costs.
Link: I Cor 10
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Tuesday, 12-4-07 3:01 AM
re: Questions from 1 Cor. 11:1-16
Thanks for your thoughts. I definitely thought of you when the issue of head coverings came up (somebody told me you wear one out of respect for the culture you're in and I'd have to do the same, I know, but what a pain--I was happy to take mine off half way through the service). I definitely brought up these questions in context of the preceding chapter--nice job picking up on that! In fact, I have those exact verses written into my notes.

I didn't think about the "God as the head of Christ yet still one" in relationship to men and women--that is interesting.
ROUS  Sarah Lawson, Thursday, 12-6-07 7:07 PM
re: Questions from 1 Cor. 11:1-16
I've thought a lot this.

I think the key Paul is talking about is showing each other respect. It sets us apart from non-believers and even some believers.

I think putting each other first is refreshing and God honoring in a way that allows people to see a real difference in us.

I've seen this done, in this cultural context, by being aware of what another person is saying. Focusing on ones strengths rather than their weaknesses. I see this when a person puts someone else's talents and abilities forward before themselves or promotes another person for no personal gain. I think it is shown by investing time and energy in each other and taking the others concerns and cares personally and seriously. Basically a lack of selfishness which is the marker of many non-believers.

It's really hard to think of actual external examples. I think it's really more about actions in our context.

P.S. You guys are awesome.
Bonnie, Friday, 12-7-07 3:57 PM
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