Would you do this?
Maybe you all have noticed this before, but I just read Isaiah 20. It's only 5 verses. Any thoughts?
Link: "Extreme" propheting
ROUS  Katy Brumbelow, Wednesday, 12-12-07 4:57 AM
re: Would you do this?
Not without a signed permission slip from God. :}
Annette, Wednesday, 12-12-07 10:28 AM
re: Would you do this?
Don't forget that the climate in that region would be a little more comfortable than it is in Oregon.
David, Wednesday, 12-12-07 12:14 PM
re: Would you do this?
On a more sober note, God required a lot of his prophets to behave very strangely. So strangely that they undoubtedly would be institutionalized today. I'm thinking, for instance, of Ezekiel with his laying on his side for the better part of two years in front of a model of the city. (I've always wondered: Did he have to do that 16 hours a day? Or maybe just symbolically for 15 mintues or so after the first few months?) Oh, and then there's his not-very-tasty bread baked over dung. Yum! Or the other guy (was it Habakuk?) who had to stick with a whore of a wife and name his kids things like "Not Loved." I guess today that would simply get turned down by the birth certificate board, or maybe get you a visit from DHS.
And those are just the first few highlights that come to mind.
I guess I've always just been glad that God didn't ask Me to be an OT prophet. I am not sure that my obedience would extend that far. I'm not sure it extends nearly as far as it needs to for the everyday stuff I know I'm supposed to do...
Annette, Wednesday, 12-12-07 4:58 PM
re: Would you do this?
I agree with Annette. I would need to know with certainty that it was God telling me to do something like that. None of the "casting of lots" stuff. Real writing on the wall, or clear voice stuff. :-)
christina, Wednesday, 12-12-07 5:15 PM
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