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Annette just slipped this in without announcement, so I thought I'd make everyone aware that it exists. As Annette mentions, this board is for discussion of questions/thoughts/etc. that come to people as they're reading the one year bible.
ROUS  David , Tuesday, 4-19-05 11:47 AM
re: New board
A friend of my uncle's gave me this bible study guide that I really like. It follows the one-year bible we're reading. You read the passages, and then write down your observations and interpretation, application to your life, and a prayer. Then enter a table of contents entry for that day so that you can flip to it later. There is also an area where you write down summaries of what you're praying for that day, and then go back later and put in the date it was answered. I know itÂ’s a little structured, but I think it will help me get a lot out of my daily readings.

I emailed the church that makes them and they said I can order additional ones if I want. Is anyone else interested?

Tauna, Thursday, 4-21-05 10:09 AM
re: New board
Yes, I want one. How much do they cost?
Dan, Friday, 4-22-05 1:09 AM
re: New board
I think they're 4 dollars. I'll just order a handful of them.
Tauna, Friday, 4-22-05 9:23 AM
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