Whaddya know! A contradiction in the Bible! :)

I am just confused by 1 Corinthians 14:20 - 25.

He says - don't be idiots about spiritual gifts. be wise about them. OK fine.

In the first part, he is saying that speaking in tongues is for the benefit of unbelievers, and prophecy is for the benefit of believers. First of all, he implies that this is conclusion is somehow reflected in the scripture he quotes - but I don't get it.

Right after that, he says speaking in tongues is useless for unbelievers because they'll think the speaker is crazy, and prophecy actually is more beneficial to them because they'll see the truth.

Then he just jumps off topic and goes into summarizing his whole correspondence.

So... what was his point there? The scripture he quoted doesn't really work because real life is different? That the people he's talking to need to calm down with the speaking in tongues thing because they're freaking people out?

Thanks for any help.

Link: 1 Corinthians 14:20 - 25
Tauna, Tuesday, 8-23-05 9:56 PM
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