Our Heart

What is City's Edge About?

We're about Community, and we're about Christ.

OK, and we're also about Celebration. And celebration is even better in a Christ-centered community with people that love each other!
We meet on Sunday mornings for food, fellowship, a Bible-centered message, a skit, and lots of great music.
During the week you'll find many of us enjoying a meal in each other's homes, praying together, supporting each other, and often just having fun together with geeky board games, podcasts, and the like.

Does this sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Why not drop by our little warehouse at Scholls Ferry and Nimbus next Sunday morning? The coffee's hot!

Dan Banham
Pastor, Worship Leader

Our founding pastor, Dan has been leading our little community since 1997. But we all know it's his wife Beth who really keeps things together. Remember: Jesus loves you, and Beth has a wonderful plan for your life!

Preaching Team
Debbie Day, Jeff Saunders, Aaron Meyer, and others

Each member of this growing team brings their unique perspectives to the Sunday morning message from time to time

Too Many To List!

Everyone in this photo is involved in teaching our children and young people. We think they're pretty awesome!

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We are an Evangelical, Bible-Believing church.
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Scripture references courtesy of BibleGateway.org

Our desire is to be a place where people encounter the living Jesus Christ. We are commited to helping people realize their full potential by discovering and enjoying God's design for their lives, relationships, and ministries, and by sharing His love with others.

Our Mission

To Glorify God by loving Him, loving others, and making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To reach young adults and families in the Portland metro area, bringing them into a growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ and equipping them to serve and lead with excellence in a nurturing communitty of dynamic worship and life-changing biblical truth.

Our Values

  • Community... allowing God to heal and transform us through caring, honest relationships.
  • Scripture... letting the Bible impact our everyday lives.
  • Worship... becoming more like Jesus as we spend time in his presence.
  • Ministry... reflecting God's diversity, not our own choices.
  • Leadership... complementing and completing each other in the context of mutual accountability.
  • Excellence... giving our best to God and each other.
  • Creativity... honoring inventiveness and artistry.