Kids at City's Edge

Welcome, Kids!

You're Part of the Community

We love kids at City's Edge. We encourage them to participate in the full life of our community.
Kids of all ages are invited to sit with their parents or another adult during the singing and scripture reading portions of the service. They even get to dance up front during the first song if they want!
Do they make a little noise? Even get a bit disruptive?
Of course, sometimes. And we're OK with that. We deal with it when it happens, and then move on.
Church isn't about pretending to be perfect, it's about meeting God where we are at. And even kids can do that. In fact, we suspect they're better at it than we are!

Ramblers, Explorers, and Cross Tour

Pre-school thru 5th Grade

All kids are invited to join the congregation for singing, scripture reading, and skits.
Kids in Preschool or under are in the Rambler's class. During the speaking time they enjoy age appropriate lessons and crafts in their own classroom.
Kindergarten and First graders are Explorers, and also meet each week in their own classroom.
Second through fifth graders are Cross Tour Kids. Two weeks each month the Cross Tour kids stay in the main service, taking notes in their coordinated journals. The other two weeks they break out on their own. We won't confuse you with the details, but be assured we'll get you where you need to go on Sunday morning.

Pathfinders and Yugos

Middle, High School, and College

Transitioning from childhood to adulthood is rocky and living life as a Christ follower can seem mysterious.

We believe strongly in community and doing all of this together. We want our youth to know they are not alone in this journey of faith and life and figuring out who God designed them to be. With that in mind, our focus is on building relationships rather than programs. We have 4 adults that meet regularly twice a month during the sermon with our high school and recently graduated youth, (Pathfinders), facilitating real conversations about the hard stuff in life and faith. These adults and youth also make connections throughout the week and during other events, building friendships that last long past graduation. We regularly invite other members of the congregation into class to share their stories and experiences. Youth are encouraged to take part in the ministries of City’s Edge.

Our kids refer to Pathfinders as a “safe space” in which all questions are welcome, no subject is taboo, vulnerability is modeled, and everything centers around Christ. “We go there” is our often quoted motto.”



Maybe we're biased, but we think we've been blessed with some of the most amazing teachers and youth leaders anywhere on the planet!

Most of our teachers serve just one or two weeks a month, allowing them to catch the teaching portion of the service the rest of the time. That's one reason for their numbers. But there's also the simple fact that all of us just love kids and want to be involved in their training and education any way we can!

Kids Coordinator

Mary Blochele became our second (!) paid staff member in 2018 when she formally became the Kids Coordinator - although she'd been performing that roll for quite some time beforehand. "Teacher Mary" coordinates curriculum, teaching schedules, crafts, supplies, and practically everything else for kids up to Jr. High. We think she's pretty awesome!