Cool, Free, Music Service
For those of us who like to stream music (i.e. listen to the radio on our computers), this "Pandora" service is pretty cool. It's part of something called the "Music Genome" project, which is an attempt to classify music and musicians by objective criteria that go beyond mere genre. By examining these objective "genes" of your prefered music, they expect a higher hit rate of delivering new music that you'll subjectively like.
Put more simply, you tell it that you like U2, and it'll deliver other artists that sound at least a little like U2. You can then rate each song with a thumbs up / thumbs down, and it uses those choices to further refine your "station."
Does it work? I've only tested 2-3 artists and listened to 4-5 songs, but I can attest that so far it's not delivering stuff that I hate. And it's got a slick, clean interface that's easy to use. Oh yeah, and it's free and doesn't have audio advertising. (think Live 365)
Pretty cool.

Link: Pandora Music Genome Service
ROUS  Annette Collins, Thursday, 3-2-06 11:50 AM
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